5 Reasons Why Your Guy Would Love A Hip Flask

We are privileged today to have a guest blog post from the team at XFLASKS.  Their hip flasks are high quality and unique in design...and here's their 5 reasons why your guy would love one! Make sure you take a look at their great range here.


Need to buy your beau a gift? Struggling for ideas? Have you considered a hip flask? Here are 5 reasons why your guy would love a hip flask.


  • They’re useful

This might seem pretty obvious, but with a hip flask you can have your favourite liquor with you wherever you are (within reason of course!). If you’re heading to a party, or going on a road trip with friends (and not driving!), or having a picnic, or even going on a hunting trip (if you’re into that sort of thing), then a hip flask with your favourite liquor is a welcome addition.


  • They’re great to hold

Take it from us, it’s extremely satisfying to hold and pour from a hip flask. It just feels right. Especially if it’s well-made. They’re light enough to carry around with you but substantial enough to feel great in the hand. Just like a premium smartphone or wallet. It also fits perfectly into your inside jacket pocket - in our opinion, there’s no better combination than a hip flask and an inside jacket pocket.


  • They’re a sign of appreciation/affection

If someone receives a quality hip flask from you, they’ll know you care. A finely crafted hip flask for a person who would like such a gift not only shows you know them well, but that you’ve put care and thought into the gift. And by engraving it with a message you can add a very personal touch. Did someone say jackpot? You just hit it.


  • They’re a statement

Imagine the scene. You show up to a party and instead of reaching for the lame drinks on offer, you reach for your hip flask and mix your own. Because of the stigma surrounding hip flasks, some people may feel uncomfortable doing this and it may turn a few heads (especially of those who don’t know you at the party), but if you just own it you’ll seem oh so cool and confident. Trust us.


  • They’re cool

The way they look, the way they feel, the way they shine, the way you can take them anywhere, they’re just cool. And the motion of reaching into your inside jacket pocket and pulling out a hip flask is incredibly smooth; we challenge you not to feel just a little bit slick as you do so. Give the gift of coolness this Valentine’s Day.


So there you have it; 5 reasons why your guy would love a hip flask. Of course, we could go on and on about the joys of owning a hip flask, but we don’t want to take too much of your time. We hope you enjoyed this and/or found it useful.



    1. It must be a sign Nicole!!!! You really should check out the range of hip flasks from XFLASKS…they are stunning!!! p.s. your hubby sounds wonderful xx

  1. These look awesome, too bad my guy doesn’t drink >.< But I know some other guys in my life who would love these. I think my brother-in-law gave hip flasks to his bridal party which were engraved? Very cool!

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